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Kitchen savior! 7 Things to Put away to save half your chores!


The room is a place filled with fireworks, carrying the family's three meals a day.
However, many items, heavy humidity, lampblack smell, so that the kitchen storage becomes a tricky problem.
Many families who do not know how to put away, the kitchen counter is filled with all kinds of POTS and pans, fried food out of the pot, there is no room for a dish.
▲ A kitchen with no storage
The POTS and bottles were all laid out on the table, which was convenient, but the kitchen was a mess.
Want to clean up your kitchen without going overboard?
You can choose some small items, make good use of less than 1 square meters of nooks and crannies, but also make your kitchen big change!
Bean Ma recommend you 7 super easy to use kitchen good things, easy to do storage!
The kitchen cabinets take care of most household kitchen storage functions.
But how to maximize the utilization of the space in the cabinet and keep it clean and tidy is particularly important.
Otherwise, the items are cluttered and disorganized, and it is a trouble to find them later.
1. Transparent sealed jar
The benefits of this sealed can are threefold:
1, transparent texture at a glance, even without labels can clearly see what you are looking for;
2, the material is thick, good sealing;
3. Stacking is stable and not easy to fall down, because there is a circle of concave design on the top of the can lid, which can keep smooth and non-slip well.
2. Drawer divider box
Drawer divider box is used to store kitchen gadgets. Different items are arranged neatly and good-looking, so you can take them at a glance.
3. Cross storage box
This is also a good value for money storage case, perfect for things like airtight clips and disposable gloves.
4. Food storage box/bag
Momma made sure everyone got Amway food containers.
I still remember the smell of opening the refrigerator when I visited a friend's home a long time ago. I still feel uncomfortable when I think about it.
Plate after plate of leftovers in the refrigerator, and I don't know what food, plastic bags, stacked together to fill the whole refrigerator, all the flavors mixed together, sure it is edible?
Save your fridge without a problem with this storage box.
1, unity: a set of enough to use, clean and tidy is a must;
2, vertical placement: square, with cover, can also be stacked, very space-saving;
3, strong practicability: leftovers, whole grains, fruits and vegetables can be put.
With sealed bag use effect is better, storage box volume is large, is the only choice for storing leftovers.
Half-eaten meat can be stored in a ziploc bag and then in the refrigerator to keep it clean, prevent bacteria from growing, and free of odor.
5. Above the sink -- hanging storage
Because of frequent cleaning, the sink area is often prone to water accumulation and humidity. The sink storage, to do "smooth" and "dry clean" is the key.
The storage near the sink is mainly to arrange the most convenient things.
It is recommended that you only use items that you need for each meal, such as chopsticks, spatula, dish brushes, etc.
Dishwashing cotton and rags, etc., hang directly above the sink and drain water in time. Water can also drop directly into the sink, so that the table will not get wet.
You should have seen this kind of silica gel drain hanging bag, but in fact, it is not useful, because the spray when washing is easy to get wet again.
Recommend this can be fixed to the faucet drain rack, a certain height from the sink, the water is not easy to wet dry brush.
6. Condiment storage -- hanging storage
The style of the seasoning jar is unified, which will make the kitchen feel more tidy. All kinds of seasoning and beans are unified in the beautiful glass bottle, which is clear at a glance and very useful.
You can also label stored ingredients so you can quickly find what you need when cooking.
Reduce the surface area and use a hanging rod for storage. Condiments can be hung in a tray, which takes up no space at all.
If the pattern of the home is not suitable for the wall storage design, you can try this portable storage basket, small and practical.
7, the kitchen refrigerator storage side wall hanger
The sidewall hanger is attached to the back with a magnet, which can be attached to the side of the refrigerator with a simple press. It can hold 5KG of weight without drilling or gluing.
The separation design is very clear, there are shelves, hooks, hanging rods, it is good to realize the rational utilization of space.
The top layer can put sauce, plastic wrap, etc., the lower horizontal bar can hang towels, paper rolls, hooks can hang paring knife, spatula, scissors and so on.
Without taking up space at the same time, it easily solves part of the kitchen storage.
When the storage is done, you will be greeted by a clean and tidy kitchen, and the mood of cooking will become beautiful
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