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Can the glass lunch box be placed in a microwave oven to heat it?


1. Glass tableware can basically be put in microwave oven to heat. Among them, the glass material of the microwave oven includes: microcrystalline glass, titanium oxide crystal glass, borosilicate glass. These glass are relatively stable and very high -temperature, so it can be used in the microwave oven for a long time. However, if you buy glass tableware, please consult if you can put it in a microwave oven or what glass material.

2. It should be noted that some glass cannot be heated in a microwave oven for a long time, such as glass and milk bottles made of ordinary glass. They can only be put in the microwave oven for a long time. Carved glass, enhanced glass, crystal glass, poor high temperature resistance.

3. If the glass products are marked with whether the microwave can be heated best, if not, add water to heat for 30s. See whether water is hot or more heat than tableware or tableware. If the tableware is more heat than water, it means that there may be metal plating in the cup or pure glass inside, and it is not suitable to put in a microwave oven to heat. Another test method is to use a water cup that can be heated in microwave, fill it with water, and then put this cup full of water and not know if the microwave heating cup can be heated in a microwave for one minute. If it is too long, there may be bad things), and then carefully feel whether the cup without water has become very hot, if it becomes hot, it means that it cannot be heated by microwave. If the above test results show that the cup may be able to hear microwaves, and it is necessary to exclude the possibility of cups that are just ordinary glass, because if it is just ordinary heat -resistant glass, ordinary heat -resistant glass will be due to the long heating time. Excessive heat causes the cup to break, so it cannot be placed in the microwave oven for a long time, but it should be okay for half a minute and one minute.